Catching Kindness - 15 Ways To Love Others


This coming week (Feb. 10-16) we’re challenging everyone to show kindness in our community. Be sure to grab your Catching Kindness card and Kindness cards this Sunday.

Here are 15 ways to show love and kindness to others:

  1. Bring doughnuts or dessert to work.

  2. Leave a positive note or send a positive text message.

  3. Give someone a compliment.

  4. Buy the person behind in line their morning coffee.

  5. Bring flowers to someone in a nursing home.

  6. Send someone a handwritten letter or postcard.

  7. Send someone a care package.

  8. Take someone out to lunch.

  9. Randomly give a $5 gift card to someone.

  10. Bake someone a treat.

  11. Write a list of things you love about someone.

  12. Leave a larger tip than normal.

  13. Leave a treat in the mailbox for the mailman.

  14. Spend one day saying only positive things about people.

  15. Pay for someone’s meal at a restaurant.

We can’t wait hear how you are building bridges with the people around you, so be sure to share your kindness story with us at or just use the hashtag #gfumccatchingkindness.