Our Scouting Programs

We have a new name for the Boy Scout Organization and as of February 2019, we will be Scouts BSA. GFUMC offers great programs with scouting and we are known over the state for our Eagle Scouts Awards.

While there have been changes to the scouting program over the years, the program still does the same good job of helping young people develop moral strength and character. It also helps them become strong mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Scouting also helps them develop into purposeful participating citizens in society with strong leadership skills. Youth Protection with its two deep adult leadership requirement is designed to make sure scouts are safe.

In the Cub Scout Program (Kindergarten - 5th grade) we offer an all girls den (small groups within the larger pack) and an all boy dens. In the 11-18 year old program there will be all girl troops and all boy troops. I thoroughly endorse the Girl Scout Program who provide an excellent program. We also welcome girls in the Scouting BSA Program should they want to join.

I cannot think of any organization that does a better job of helping young people with the personal development mentioned above than the Girl Scout and the Boy Scout Programs. All young people can find a spot in one of these programs to help them prepare for a productive adulthood.

For more information on how to join, contact:
Jim Martens for Cub Scouts at 770-815-8537,
Dr. Robert Bruner for Boy Scouts at 770-532-7207, or
Patty Laine for Daisy & Girl Scouts at 770-532-6551.

- Robert R. Bruner, Scoutmaster Troop 16
Sponsored by GFUMC