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  • Gainesville First United Methodist Church 2780 Thompson Bridge Road Gainesville United States (map)

Sundays, July 7 - 28 / at Lakeside and Classic Worship

Christianity throws the word faith around like everyone knows what it means. And, we use it like we know what it means. Oftentimes though, we view faith as a means to get what we want out of God. We think we can faith God into acting the way we want Him too. If we just believe hard enough, God has to come through for us. And it’s the reason some people walk away from the faith. They really believed and ‘she still left’ or ‘they didn’t get the job’ or ‘grandpa still died.’ What is this faith that the Bible and Jesus speak of? Join us as we look at what Biblical faith is and how to keep it.

Later Event: July 9
Summer Jumpstart