Q: What is the mission for Ignite Student Ministry?

A: Our mission is to connect students and families with God and each other in a relevant, Biblical context; to know Jesus Christ and to make him known.

Q: What is Embers?

A: Embers is our answer to what used to be called Sunday School. This is a time where students come together and hang out for a bit. It’s a great time to see friends and catch up. After that, students hear a short lesson from scripture and after, get together in table groups for questions and conversation. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where we are intentional about teaching Biblical truth.  Embers happens every Sunday at 9:30am.  Did we mention donuts?

Q: How is Ignite Student Ministry organized and structured?

A: Our structure is team-based and each area of ministry is staffed by a team of excellent, Godly volunteers. Every team has responsibility for properly executing study, teaching and relationship building under the protocols of our ministry. These protocols are developed through team meetings with adults and conversation with our student population. All teams report to the Director of Student Ministry.

Q: What is Confirmation?

A: Confirmation is a class where, over several weeks, students learn about the rich history of the Christian faith, the history of the Methodist Church and how the two work together for the Kingdom of God. More importantly, using what they learn, students will hopefully begin to develop a faith of their own that will aid them in living for more than themselves; actually living for God. For many students, Confirmation is a starting point on the journey of faith.  Confirmation is open to 7th grade students, but older students who have not been confirmed are welcomed as well.

Q: It seems you put a lot of emphasis on small groups. Why?

A: Our small groups are called Life Groups because our hope is that as students meet face to face with each other, they will actually walk the road of life together.  While there seems to be connection through social media and even extra-curricular activity at school, there is very little “life” being shared.  Events, practice, Instagram pictures - these cannot replace real conversation and true community.  We want to provide helpful bridges between the islands that we tend to create in our lives.

Q: How do I sign-up for events and mission trips?

A: Our preferred way to sign up is through on-line registration.  Some events have a cost associated, and a deposit is required.  Payments can be made online or by sending/dropping off a check. Some events have no cost, but require registration so we may be properly staffed for adult volunteers, supplies and transportation.

Q: What is Project m1615?

A: Project m1615 is the missions and service arm for Ignite Student Ministries. Patterned directly from Jesus’ words in Mark, chapter 16:15, our goal is to serve those in our community and world who are on the margins and connect them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Knowing that everyone has infinite value in God’s economy, Ignite Student Ministries will respond to the calling of Jesus with intentional focus on being His hands and feet.
Check the Project m1615 portion of our website for updates and opportunities to serve Jesus by serving others.  It will change your life; guaranteed.