Frequently Asked Questions about Pledging

What is a generosity pledge?

A pledge represents a goal, a decision made in advance. After deliberate and prayerful consideration, a generosity pledge is a commitment to contribute a specific amount of money to the ministry and mission of Gainesville First United Methodist Church. As each of us gives, we reap the benefits of generosity and faith.  We grow closer to God.  It is that simple.

Why is pledging important?

Pledging is an important spiritual exercise, which allows us to reflect on the gifts God has given us and show our thanks for those gifts by giving back to the Church. It is more than money. It is about our hearts growing more and more into the likeness of Christ, who was generous himself.

For practical purposes, it allows Gainesville First United Methodist Church to make realistic budget projections for the coming calendar year. The proposed budget reflects the vision of mission and ministry that we feel God is leading us to be involved with in the upcoming year.

Who should make a financial pledge to the church?

Anyone who feels called to participate in the ministry of Gainesville First United Methodist Church can make a pledge.

What’s a good way to figure out what my pledge will be?

Start with prayer. Pledging and committing to give regularly is a great spiritual discipline. We encourage you to give what you discern to be the will of God for you and your family.

What if I pledge and my circumstances change?

We understand that life happens. If your current situation changes and you are unable to fulfill your pledge, we do not want you to feel guilt or shame. Matter of fact, we want to know so that we can be in ministry with you during those moments.

How can I submit my pledge?

You can submit your pledge by turning in the pledge card and dropping it in the mail or by bringing it by the church office. You can also go online at and fill out a generosity card today.

Who can I talk to about my pledge?

You can speak with Betsy Eubanks, Business Administrator, about any of your questions regarding your pledge. She can be reached at