8:30am Lakeside Worship and 10:55am Classic Worship
Series begins Sunday, September 9

EGRs, they’re in all of our lives. We all have people that when we interact with them, Extra Grace is Required. We know that as Christians we are to love others, even as Christ loves us. But how do we love and care for some people without becoming a doormat? EGRs come in all shapes and sizes. In this series we will look at how to relate as Christ-followers to: those who can never seem to get enough, those who play us, those who’s words and actions don’t always match, and those whom we can never seem to please. Join us these four Sundays as we take a closer look at living at Christians to the EGRs in our life.



9:30am Chapel Worship and 10:55am Modern Worship
Series begins Sunday, September 9

In this 4-part series, we’ll explore the life of Jesus. We’ll discover He is not the domesticated Jesus a lot of us were introduced to in Sunday School, but instead He is loving, wildly passionate, radically merciful, and always surprising. An encounter with this Jesus will transform us from the inside out and radically change our lives.