A Word From Pastor Scott - September 2017

It’s easy for us longtime churchgoers to become set in what we think of when we think of church.  There is a familiarity which breeds a comfort.  After a while, church becomes routine and predictable, and we get bored.  Church becomes a box to check, and other things subtly climb their way up our priority list.

But the truth is, when ushers hand out bulletins on Sundays, they should also issue crash helmets.  When we find our seat, there should be seatbelts waiting for us.

The church is the entity that changed the world! And changed it for the good! 

In times of familiarity and ho-hum, we need to rediscover our origins, how it used to be back in the day.  2,000 years ago back in the day. 

On Sunday, September 10, we will begin a message series entitled, “I Love My Church.”  We believe as we look back and rediscover the original call of the church, and how the church originally lived that call out, a clarity and passion will be rekindled in us as we seek to live out that same call in our church family, our community and in the world today. 

During this series, we believe we’ll rediscover it’s the church which supplies me with a cause, gives me a story, makes a difference, and gives me something to invest in that really does make a difference. 

Celebration Sunday is September 24.  As I thought about Celebration Sunday, I remembered a couple things from the visits Jamey and I made when we arrived last year.  First, with four Sunday morning worship experiences, you said you missed seeing each other.  But where in the world is there space for all of us to gather?  Which leads to the second takeaway from listening to you.  You said, preacher, you can change a lot of things but whatever you do, don’t you dare change the Lakeside Service.

So we’ll be gathering at the lake, all of us!  If you’re concerned about the hill, don’t worry, we’ll have covered, easily accessible seating available in the parking lot.

And to make the day even more irresistible, we’re going to enjoy one of myfondest memories from serving at Gainesville First before.  Ralph Brooks, Sr., has volunteered to barbeque up some of his famous chicken for us.  You who have had it before can taste it already, can’t you? 

We, at GFUMC, don’t have to go back 2,000 years to rediscover our original call and passion. We can simply gather at Lakeside.  Because that’s where those who went before us originally gathered for worship when they faithfully crossed the bridge as a response to God’s call. 

I believe we’re all going to fall in love with our church and her mission again.

So thankful to be in it with you,

Pastor Scott