A Word From Pastor Kathy - June 2017

I was raised in the church and as a little girl, I always felt close to God.  My mom was a strong, but not vocal, Bible scholar.  Through her influence and God’s presence, I always had a desire to do more in the church, but my opportunities to serve were limited by my faith tradition (and my talent).
As a young adult, I was invited to attend the United Methodist Church, and it felt like home from the first visit.  I found the freedom to ask questions, discuss topics and scripture, freedom to disagree and still remain in the community, and be in ministry with others in ways I had never experienced in my previous church.  Through these caring relationships and Bible study, I began to hear God’s call with a clarity I never had before.  And with their affirmation, I found myself accepting God’s call to ministry in the church.  No one was more surprised than me as I discerned my call.  And yet, from the moment I said, “Yes Lord” I have never felt more peace. 
One of the things I have come to understand and appreciate in our faith tradition is that the United Methodist Church is about the work of the people, not the personality of the minister.  Together we are the hands and feet of Christ, together we go forward, together we serve, together we love, and together we transform the world.
This appointment system has led me to move places and travel paths I never imagined. 
It has also blessed me to make more friends and memories than I ever dreamed possible. You are part of my life and together we are the church.  As it states in the Commendation and Welcome in our service of baptism, I renew my pledge to each of you:  “As members
together let us renew our covenant to faithfully participate in the ministries of our churches by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, and our service, that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ.”  
Thank you for being part of my call and part of my life. 
With heartfelt thanks,

Rev. Kathy Lamon