As followers of Christ, we’re tasked with always looking for the next bridge we can build to Jesus for our community. That mindset often causes us to re-evaluate what we’re doing, and sometimes leads us to a place where change is needed. While the idea of change frightens some, I’m sure we can all agree, change isn’t scary when it’s made for the right reasons.

After listening to the feedback of our church leaders over the last year, the communications team and church staff has decided to to discontinue the newsletter in 2019. This decision was made in order to focus our communication efforts more on those outside our walls, those in need of the hope only Jesus Christ can provide.

We’ll still be sharing events and celebrations in our weekly bulletin, emails, social media posts, and website, yet now we’ll be focusing on better use of video and targeted group communications. For instance, our older adults receive a monthly newsletter by mail, while our Kids and Student ministries are communicated with by emails or texts.

We ask for your patience during this transition, and we hope you are as excited as we are about taking the next step forward in creating great discipleship content, building bridges, and reaching people with the Good News of the Gospel.

-Aaron King, Director of Communication Ministries