Amazing Collection: Ladies' Bible Study


Tuesdays / 10am-Noon / Room S-01

Led by Sheri Duke
January 8 - May 14
Book cost: $10

The Amazing Collection is a very unique Bible Study. The material allows women who are new to God’s Word to comfortably begin their journey while a seasoned Bible student experiences ‘a-ha moments’ as she sees the pieces of God’s Word fit together. We will begin the series in Genesis and journey through the books of the Bible.
This winter we will start the The Post - Exilic Books.The Post-Exilic Books, 1 Chronicles through Esther, complete Old Testament History. God proves He is a Promise Keeper as He brings His people back to the land after 70 years in exile. This study details events after the northern kingdom (Israel) was conquered and scattered by Assyria and after the southern kingdom (Judah) was conquered and exiled to Babylon. We see Persia come to world power and God’s chosen remnant return to the promised land to restore their temple and build the wall around their beloved Jerusalem. All of the Old Testament books following Nehemiah merely fit into the time period of these Historical books.